ERP, advanced management information system for printing industry

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Shop Floor Data Collection

The system records the time and materials used in the Shop Floor, allowing the availability of accurate and reliable information. The system uses a standard keyboard or a touch pad with a dirt and solvents protected membrane. The employee simply press the button with his number and indicate the operation to run, then entering the job number. A check digit eliminates errors that may be committed. All captured information is displayed on the screen to be checked and confirmed. The system records the start time and accumulates all the time used in the operation. When the employee changes of operation, back to the keyboard, retry the login process. The system completes the previous operation and begins the new. If you make a mistake, the system can be corrected. The terminal does not transmit any information or job cost calculation, it is reviewed by management before. The system can incorporate barcode readers.                             

The Shop floor data collection system consists of:
-> Display Color.
-> Normal or functional waterproof keyboard.
-> Bar Code Reader (Optional).
-> Direct Data collection machine (optional).