ERP, advanced management information system for printing industry

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The system provides a day updated:
-> Inventory to order on a purchase order.
-> Inventory assigned to work orders or customer orders.
-> Expeditions.
-> Receips.

The inventory record gives the following information:
-> Level of free existence.
-> Ordered existence (purchase orders).
-> Assigned Existences (allocations to clients).
-> Minimum Level.
-> Selling and buying level.
-> Average and last cost.

The system provides:
-> Inventory valuation.
-> Replenishment report (for items below minimum).
-> Report being requested (orders to suppliers / customer orders).
-> Inventory adjustments.
-> Forms for physical inventory taking.
-> History of inventory movements.
-> Inventory sales report.
-> Low stock movement report.


When generating a production job, the system sends inventory materials needs to the controller. These needs can be corrected, and, upon approval of the amounts, the system automatically assigns based on inventory records and alerts you if an item is below the required level. Once consumed the material inventories are lowered properly and the system updates the cost of labor.                             



It is an extension of the raw materials inventory control. Allows precise control of products wholly or partially produced intermediate goods. Each customer order can be introduced as such, their quantities and valuing recorded automatically. The system records any order, and once fully or partially full, they spend all their billing data, if provided.