ERP, advanced management information system for printing industry

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Designed to manage purchases including purchase orders, invoices and received goods , the purchase management system should be used with estimations , costs, and stocks control modules to make the most of. Purchasing management must feed the warehouse stock and production. The supplier status lets us know if suppliers are approved or in review state. All order details are stored in the system can obtain a printed purchase order. Plans receiving detailed materials keep us abreast of materials for work orders, by vendor, by item, by date, by customer, by department or split deliveries. Received Orders are compared to the original order and the stored delivery note. Returns are accompanied by a letter explaining the reasons for it. In case of receiving have not been ordered materials system advice us. The supplier invoices are compared with the original orders and received materials , before being approved. Control improves cash purchases, reduce administrative work and plays an important role in quality management.