ERP, advanced management information system for printing industry

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Presence Control

The PRE called application is a comprehensive solution for the time and presence control of company staff.

Includes the following features:
-> Workers Maintenance.
-> Flexible Schedule definition and control.
-> Definition and assignment calendars.
-> Expert system, which allows for a simple, automated solutions from the caseloads of each client.
-> Ability to automate the punches collection process.
-> Hour Rate Automatic Mapping depending on the type of day.
-> Various bags Time definition and monitoring.
-> Incident Management.
-> Incidents Automatic validation.
-> Overtime and excess hours Control.
-> Reprocessing schedules.
-> Alternative Schedules.
-> Visits Control.
-> Summary Report period.
-> Annual Historical Report.
-> Ability to send any report by e-mail and / or save them as files with different formats.
-> Import / export of databases.
-> Multiple business cards.
-> Adaptability to different models of watches.
-> Integration with Microsoft Office.