ERP, advanced management information system for printing industry

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Costing & Production Control

After preparing a estimation, the system can create an active job with the same instructions and the client details, planning the steps the job should take. If the system has a stocks control module, material requirements will be listed automatically. The work well be planned in that way and prepared for production (providing production control) if it is installed.                                          

The work analysis can be done:
-> Inserting working time and materials listed in the working folder.
-> Inserting timesheets of employees. The system will update the time and materials of relevant work.
-> Registering data by Shop Floor Data Collection module.

The system provides work monitoring by the shop floor data collection module, indicating the status of a job at all times. With further work, the system displays the status of each operation along with a comparison between the estimated and what happened. Productivity analysis of each of the production centers to estimate and analyze the optimization levels of work in each of the production centers. Before completing a job and set the final price, the system warns if there are costs to include (eg, external works whose turnover has not been received, author's corrections ...). Once set the selling price, the system stores the offer, and all production details if necessary reprinting the job. Work analysis shows who worked in a job, when, for how long, and what he did. This information provides a documented record as part of the ISO quality standard. The sales and marketing analysis is based on: market, product, region, representative client.