ERP, advanced management information system for printing industry

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The billing module allows the issuance and control of invoices. Must be used with the system estimations and costs and superior performance, with accounting. The system prepares invoices for all performed and delivered works , updating the accounting module for each invoice.                             


The delivery notes can be discharged manually with lines and indefinite comments, or automatically switch from the production module, in which case no need to type anything. These invoices will become unbilled invoices.                             


The existing types of delivery notes are:
-> Earrings billing.
-> Billed.
-> Cancelled.
-> Suspended.


Invoices can be prepared either manually, in which you fill in all the necessary data, such as semi-automatically, allowing you to choose which delivery notes we bill for a customer, as fully automatically, the system issuing invoices and receipts for all deliveries produced. Customer tab can be parameterized if you want an invoice for each delivery note, or if you will consolidate all delivery notes in an invoice.