ERP, advanced management information system for printing industry

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NOM called application is a comprehensive solution for managing multiple work area companies belonging to different conventions.

Includes the following features:
- Real time Payroll Calculation and modification.
- Social security system of different schemes and RED system.
- Settlements of Personal Income Tax.
- Issuance of FLC (Convention of construction) and FLC1 (Asturias).
- Calculation EPSV emission G1 and Model 345.
- Arrears of agreement and quotation differences.
- Terminations, pre-Terminations and compensation.
- Treatment of incidents at different levels (worker, and business center).
- Management of contracts and documents using Microsoft Word.
- Management Listings and reporting, integrated with Microsoft Excel.
- Payrolls Summaries.
- Cost statistics.
- Simulation of wage costs.
- Ability to send by e-mail all listings management and / or save them as files with different formats.
- Send by e-mail payslips and liquidations.
- Calculation of pensions, wage garnishments and loans.
- Confidentiality.
- Generation of reports, letters, labels and ASCII files.
- Diary.