ERP, advanced management information system for printing industry

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Production Planner

With the production planner, all a plan can be programmed in seconds. The system is based on a graphical representation of the production plant using the same principles as manual planning. When you enter additional work or there are changes in the schedule, the planner can alter a sequence of jobs on the screen using a mouse. The computer calculates and displays the new load, including the effects of changes. With the system, production managers can predict accurately delivery dates before accepting a new job. The work plan includes several states in the programming of work, taking into account available resources. Using the mouse, the sequence and duration of each operation can change. When you create a new job, the system automatically given program of work already scheduled. Failure to meet the deadline, the job can be forced and the effect on other work is automatically displayed. Once accepted the production plan, the system produces job lists for each machine or section, optimizing the use of machinery and produces lists unused time available, delivery dates and paper tests. The system runs on any WINDOWS production as separate module or as an integrated part GESTION 21 system.