ERP, advanced management information system for printing industry

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Estimating Module

In the heart of GESTION 21 lives the area of estimating, allowing to estimate the price of a job with the utmost accuracy and in record time, reducing significantly the administrative work. Budgets can be developed taking into account:
-> Labor or Machine time.
  -> Materials.
  -> Outsourcing.
  -> Cover Letters designed by the user with unlimited variations.

  Given that most of the work has been done previously, when a query arrives at the estimator office it's enought going to estimatings history to offer a new work in seconds. A third way is to use the "smart" help system based in work prototypes. Few data are enough to get the exact estimation. Thus, the system functions as an expert system, using previous work experience as a basis for new estimations.                             


                        Estimations can be sent from the computer itself both by fax and by mail, saving a lot of work to estimating department, and expediting customer response.