ERP, advanced management information system for printing industry

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Human Resources

MAN called application is a comprehensive solution for managing the Human Resources Department of the company.

Includes the following features:
-> Human structure: Inventories of companies, job centers and a workforce that includes: identification of the worker 'training history and provided planning, professional experience, labor availability, historical (absenteeism, compensation, labor, performance evaluation).
-> Automatic expansion of the database by generating screens.
-> Organizational Structure: defining the cost structure and jobs assessment description.
-> Recruitment: candidates (internal and external), selection processes, automatic search for candidates by defining profiles, planned actions and automated calls for communication with the "follow / no follow" until the end of the process and its evaluation.
-> Training: plans and training centers definition, obtaining training tokens per person, monitoring and cost analysis.
-> Includes automations for comparison between the training required to take a job and training of persons occupying or candidates.
-> Analytical reports generator, letters and labels.
-> Ratios and graphs generated in Microsoft Excel.
-> Privacy.
-> Optional ODBC Driver data integration with Microsoft Office.